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    ::oat.:: SYSTEM MESSAGE

    09/15/2016 -- We are operating minimal services at the moment. You n email oat(at)tao(dot) for urgent requests. Thanks for your patience. - THE OAT COLLECTIVE

    ::EMAIL:: 29/09/2016 UPDATE - The webmail interface is now up เครดิตฟรี บาคาร่า. If you are an existing/old user please contact us for access to your account. If you need to check it through a reader, thunderbird, smartphone apps, etc. are not up yet but will be working shortly.

    ::LISTS:: 22/09/2016 UPDATE - The new list server is now up here. You should be able to send and receive email to your lists as usual. We're still working out some kinks with delivery, so please get in touch if you are having issues with your list.